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We deliver on time, on budget.

Whether you are building a home on a narrow, steep or larger rural block, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you with your design, produce a beautifully constructed home with all the luxury finishes and stay within your budget and timeframe.


You may choose to come to us with your own drafted plan or we can design a home to suit your requirements and your budget. With your ideas and our expertise we can create the most beautiful home for you.

Our unique 3D modelling and walk-through videos  allow our clients to experience their new home in detail before construction begins.


All our New Home plans are custom designed to suit our client’s requirements and style and of course their block of land. 


Please have a look at our past projects and also our new build designs to get an idea of what we can produce for you.


  • Design Brief
    We produce a concept plan and estimate. We also check relevant overlays. You can then obtain pre-approval for your finance. RP plan and land ownership or Contract on land is required for this stage.
  • Preliminary Agreement - $2500.00 inc gst*
    This cost allows us to: A. Begin your Preliminary Designs (PDs), B. Partake in a site visit and take levels C. Obtain soil test D. Council assessments which are relevant to the site e.g. bushfire assessment, noise corridor etc.
  • Preliminary Design
    Our drafter will produce a floor plan, elevations and site plan ready for costing. We go over design details and cost your plan, based on our Standard Inclusions - (N.B. costing may vary from this stage depending on any unforeseen elements after the engineering of the build has been completed).
  • Inclusions Selections
    We will look at the inclusions in more detail, and upgrade items to our Luxury range inclusions where required.
  • Contract
    This is a fixed-price Contract, based on all the information we have gathered. From this point there can be no further changes to the design or Inclusions.
  • Finance Approval
    Your financier will issue final finance approval, based on your plans, inclusions and Contract.
  • Construction Drawings and Engineering
    We will produce your CDs, engineering documents, foundation design, energy reports ready for council submission.
  • Colour Selections
    You will make your final colour selections with your builder eg roofing, windows, paint, tiles...
  • Build
    Your build begins! We keep in contact with you weekly during the whole build process with details and photographs. We also invite you to inspect your home with our building supervisor at each stage.
  • Maintenance and Follow-Up
    Once the build id complete and you have moved into your new home you will have a 12 month defect time period whereby any defect issues will be addressed by us. Your new home structural warranty extends for 7 years from the start of the build. • non-refundable cost Please see below eight of our most popular new home designs including our stunning Hamptons style builds. Each of these designs come with their own unique selling point but can be tweaked by our in-house designers to suit your selected block of land and internally suit your family’s needs and desires. For our full range of designs please email us with your details and what you are looking for.
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